Block Amazon Kindle Fire HD Screensaver Ads by Opting Out

To see How to Block the Ads on Your Kindle Fire HD in high definition, Start the Video, then Click on the Gear Icon for 1080p at the bottom     right in the player.

In seconds, you can remove the ads displaying on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD by opting out of the Amazon Kindle Sponsored Ads Program.

To make the Kindle Fire more competive in the exploding tablet market, Amazon decided to subsidize their Kindle Fire devices with an ad program thus making their product $15 less expensive. They offer you a choice when you first buy the tablet of paying $15 more so your new Kindle will be ad-free. However, if you missed the option, you can still remove the ads by opting out after you’ve purchased the subsidized version.

Watch the 94 second YouTube video above and learn exactly how to block those “in your face” screensaver ads and other promotional ads that come up while using your Kindle Fire.

First, you have to login to your Amazon account online, then near the top right, click on your personalized My Account dropdown menu, select Manage Your Kindle, then in the left margin, go down to Manage My Devices. You’ll see a new page with a long row of choices. Find the Special Offers column, then notice under is it says: Subscribed, to the right it will say, edit. When you click on edit, a pop up window will say: Unsubscibe from Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers. Click the Unsubscribe with 1-Click button.

The pop up window where you purchase your opt-out will look like this:

Remove Ads from Kindle Fire

How to Remove the Advertising from Your Kindle Fire HD

At first, it will show your unsubscription as pending, but shortly, if you refresh your page, it will say: Unsubscribed.

Your Amazon Kindle Fire device is tethered to your Amazon account. The next time you turn on your tablet, the ads should be gone.

Notice the other columns on that page will let you deactive your Kindle if you want to transfer the account to someone else if you give it away or sell it. It’s best for you to go to the Kindle and also restore it to the factory default settings so that the new owner can start afresh as if they just bought the Kindle. This will also ensure they won’t have access to any of your subscriptions like Netflix.

Additionally, one can change the Send-To-Kindle email address, and change the name of
your Kindle showing new ownership. For example, you could say: Bob’s Kindle.

The new owner will have to register the device as if they were the original owner.